The Bryophyte Flora of Aladağlar National Park (Turkey)

  • Tülay Ezer
  • Recep Kara
  • Turgay Seyli
  • Asım Ertek
Keywords: bryophyte, moss, liverwort, flora, Aladağlar National Park, Turkey


In this study, the bryophyte flora of Aladağlar National Park was investigated. Based on the result of identifications of 3672 bryophyte specimens collected from the national park, total of 249 taxa were found (13 liverworts, 236 mosses). Among them, Marchantia polymorpha L. subsp. ruderalis Bischl. & Boisselier, Preissia quadrata (Scop.) Nees, Physcomitrium eurystomum Sendtn, Schistidium sordidum I.Hagen, Brachythecium capillaceum (F.Weber & D.Mohr) Giacom, and Hypnum bambergeri Schimp. are recorded for the second time from Turkey. Also, a total of 57 taxa were reported for the first time from C13, according to the grid-square in the system of Turkey adopted by Henderson. 


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Ezer, T., Kara, R., Seyli, T., & Ertek, A. (2015). The Bryophyte Flora of Aladağlar National Park (Turkey). Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 52, 7-20.