Assessment of the physical activity level for the staff military personnel


  • Liana Pļaviņa National Defence Academy of Latvia, Riga, Latvia



physical activity, military personnel


Sport and physical activity is an important and compulsory part for the people who connect their lives with the military system. The military speciality and the quality of execution of the service duties and tasks depends on the fitness level and physical preparedness. We have provided the assessment of physical activity for the staff personnel that is involved in the administration staff work. Otherwise each military officer should be ready to fulfil orders and tasks. Effective and active military service is impossible without an appropriate level of physical preparedness. We have provided the questionnaire for staff officers in 2009–2010 (n=52). The questionnaire embraced all kinds of physical activities during the daytime. We have received information about sports and physical activity during the service time and free time, the received data about the participation in morning physical activities, the use of the stairs (to go upstairs and downstairs), the execution of physical exercises during the working hours and sports activities after working hours and in the weekend, taking part in the sport events, physical work at home. We have the data of the self-assessment concerning overweight, smoking and alcohol using, the regular regime (sleeping hours and the diet). We have included the questions concerning health problems (the cardiovascular disease, the gastrointestinal disease, the respiratory disease, trauma and ect) and the duration of medical incapability (days per year). We have calculated the points of the physical activity questionnaire. After that we divided the respondents into four groups (lower, moderate, good and high) according to the results of the level of physical activity. The assessments of the physical activity level allow correlating the life style, and the support and keep physical preparedness and develop physical abilities of the staff personnel.


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