Hambaarstide koolitusest ja erialaorganisatsioonide tegevusest Eestis 1918-2017. Dental Education and Dental Organisations in Estonia from 1918 to 2017


  • Rita Nõmmela
  • Silvia Russak
  • Mare Saag




Over the previous hundred years, immense developments in health care management and medical education have taken place in Estonia.
The first dental school was founded in Tartu by D. Levinovich
in 1909, providing education for students of many nationalities. The majority of the lecturers were private associate professors from the University of Tartu.
Dentistry was first taught to medical students in the medical
faculty of the University of Tartu in 1935 when Valter Hiie was
appointed associate professor. When he was elected adjunct professor, the Chair of Dentistry was founded in 1938. This article gives a detailed overview of the developments in Estonian dentistry from the first associate professorship to the establishment of the Institute of Dentistry in 2016, including the changes in curriculum, infrastructure and staff. Research, including students’ scientific activity, an inseparable part of instruction at the University, is also explored.
The first registered dental organisation called the Estonian Society for Dentists was founded in 1921 in Tartu to represent the interests of dental practitioners. Activities of Estonian non-profit dental organisations have been described in the article in four periods that differ from one other in view of activity and essence. Despite differences, the main aim of these organisations was to stand for excellent and easily accessible treatment, dental education and health policy development.
University lecturers have always been actively involved
in the activities of dental organisations in Estonia as proponents of well-rounded continuous education and dental practice.
Over the previous hundred years, constant active intervention in
the development of the Estonian society with a focus on the health care system has led to modern high-quality dental care in Estonia.


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