Kui sügav on maalipragu?

How deep is a crack in a painting?


  • Maria Hansar Academy of Arts
  • Andrus Laansalu Academy of Arts


Using restoration work carried out on the ruined frescoes of the
Cathedral of St. Francis of Assisi and re-materialisation projects of
Factum Arte artworks, this paper describes the contradictory situation
where the concept of material authenticity changes with the
emergence of new imaging technologies. It is possible to create a physical
work of art from a collection of digital data that duplicates the
original even in situations in which the original can no longer be
used in the process of reproduction. In principle this creates a novel
pattern of communicative perception between the observer and the
work of art. These changes are based on experimental technological
innovation where hard- and software development occurs hand in
hand with experiments and constant feedback in an attempt to map
and comprehend physical aspects of the artwork in as much detail as


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