Images and Objects in Ritual Practices in Medieval and Early Modern Northern and Central Europe. Editors Krista Kodres, Anu Mänd. Cambridge Scholars Publishers, 2013.


  • Merike Kurisoo
  • Krista Andreson



Sten Karling, Art and Ritual Practices, Visual Culutre in Medieval and Early Modern Europe


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Author Biographies

Merike Kurisoo

Merike Kurisoo is curator of the Niguliste Museum (Art Museum of Estonia) and editor-in-chief of the  Proceedings of the Art Museum of Estonia. She studied art history at the Estonian Academy of Arts and University of Tartu. She is currently writing her PhD thesis at the Institute of History of the Tallinn University. Merike Kurisoo’s research focuses on medieval and early modern church art. She is a member of the research council of the Art Museum of Estonia, CODART , the international network for  curators of art from the Low Countries and the Centre for Medieval Studies at Tallinn University and a member of the board of the Society of Estonian Art Historians.

Krista Andreson

Krista Andreson is a research fellow in the Department of Art History at the University of Tartu. She has  studied art history at the University of Tartu, at the University of Kiel (Germany), as well as held shorter
academic residencies in Leipzig and Greifswald. From 2003 to 2010, Andreson was a research fellow at the Niguliste Museum (Art Museum of Estonia). Her main area of research is medieval ecclesiastical art and
she has published several research papers on the medieval wooden sculptures in the Baltic Sea Region. The topic of Krista Andreson’s doctoral thesis is “The Relations between Art and Culture in Old Livonia Based on the Example of Ecclesiastical Art: Wooden Sculptures from the 13th Century to the First Half of the 15th Century”.




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