Baltic Reflections


  • Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann



Anachronic (Critique Of) Baltic, Physical And Cultural Geography Of Liminality And Frontier Zones, Intersection Of Regions


There is no simple definition of the Baltic. Previous attempts to use the criteria derived from considerations of physical or cultural geography have not proved full adequate. This does not mean that there should be recourse to the dubious idea of the anachronic, or its equivalent, the “atopic”. Rather than being regarded as liminal or a frontier zone in relation to other cultural or geographical regions, the Baltic might be conceived as representing their intersection.


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Author Biography

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann is Frederick Marquand Professor of Art and Archaeology. A member of the Royal Flemish, Royal Swedish, and Polish academies of sciences, he has been awarded the Palacký medal by the Czech Academy of Sciences and honorary doctorates from the Technical University, Dresden and the Masaryk University, Brno. He is the author of thirteen books that have been translated into a variety of languages, the chief editor of four, and also of well over 200 articles and reviews.