‘Indifferent Things?’ Reflections on Reformation and Art in the Baltic Region

  • Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann
Keywords: indifferent things (adiaphora), aesthetics, iconoclasm, visual culture, anthropological turn, material culture


This chapter presents reflections on issues raised by Indifferent
Things? Objects and Images in Post-Reformation Churches in the Baltic
Sea Region. It discusses the recent historiography of interpretative
approaches, periodisation, the canon, iconoclasm, theories of
response, comparative contexts, and issues of aesthetics.


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Author Biography

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann

Thomas DaCosta Kaufmann is Frederick Marquand Professor of
Art and Archaeology. A member of the Polish Academy of Arts and
Letters, Royal Flemish, Royal Swedish, Latvian and Polish academies
of sciences, among many other honors he has been awarded the
Palacký medal by the Czech Academy of Sciences and honorary
doctorates from the Technical University, Dresden and the Masaryk
University, Brno. He is the author or co-author of fifteen books that
have been translated into a variety of languages, the chief editor of
six, and of 250 other publications.