Ecosemiotics and the semiotics of nature

  • Winfried Nöth University of Kassel, FB 02, Georg-Forster-Str. 3, D-34109 Kassel


Ecosemiotics is the study of sign processes (semioses) in relation to the natural environment in which they occur. The paper examines the cultural, biological, and evolutionary dimensions of ecosemioses on the basis of C. S. Peirce's theory of continuity between matter and mind and investigates the ecosemiotic dimensions of natural signs. Ecosemiotics and the semiotics of nature are distinguished from pansemiotism, and the coevolution of sign processes with their natural enviromnent is discussed as a determining factor of ecosemiosis.


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Nöth, W. (2001). Ecosemiotics and the semiotics of nature. Sign Systems Studies, 29(1), 71-81.