The significance-effect is a communicational effect: Introducing the DynaCom

  • Torkild Thellefsen
  • Bent Sørensen
  • Martin Thellefsen


The paper presents the concept significance-effect outlined in a Peircean inspired communication model, named DynaCom. The significance effect is a communicational effect; the formal conditions for the release of the significanceeffect are the following: (1) Communication has to take place within a universe of discourse; (2) Utterer and interpreter must share collateral experience; and (3) The cominterpretant must occur. If these conditions are met the meaning of the communicated sign is likely to be correctly interpreted by the interpreter. Here, correctly means in accordance with the intentions of the utterer. The scope of the significance-effect has changed from knowledge effects caused by technical terms to emotional effects caused by lifestyle values in brands, for example.


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Thellefsen, T., Sørensen, B., & Thellefsen, M. (2011). The significance-effect is a communicational effect: Introducing the DynaCom. Sign Systems Studies, 39(1), 209-223.