Метрический монтаж: к теории полиметрических композиций [Metrical montage: On the theory of polymetrical compositions]

  • Михаил [Mihhail] Лотман [Lotman] Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu
Keywords: polymetricity, literary montage, poetry and prose, semiotics of verse


Metrical montage: On the theory of polymetrical compositions.

The theory of polymetrical compositions was founded as late as in the 1970s by Pyotr Rudnev, a scholar of the University of Tartu. While Rudnev approached the problem from the paradigmatic aspect, in the present paper the priority of syntagmatics over paradigmatics is emphasized: the effect of polymetricity is based on the contrast of segments, which is, in its own way, a montage with means of verse technique. Just like in the case of video montage, here as well we can distinguish between straight cut (closed polymetrics in Rudnev’s terms) and dissolve (open polymetrics in Rudnev’s terms). The given types of montage use different semiotic mechanisms and have different semantic effects. The theoretical standpoints are illustrated with examples from Alexander Pushkin’s poetry.


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