Variations in some anthropometrical parameters of the women with the different iris color in Latvia

Dzintra Kažoka, Jānis Vētra


The aim of this study was to confirm the variations between the women with the different iris color in their anthropometrical parameters. The sample of subjects consisted of 873 women from Latvia. Twelve anthropometrical measurements were taken, all of which covered the area of the longitudinal, transversal, circular dimensionality and the subcutaneous fatty tissue. The differences between the anthropometrical parameters were determined by means of the t-test for independent samples. In 51.8% the iris color was blue as the most prevalent color, and in 7.1% the color was brown as the least prevalent color. In many of the parameters were found intra-group differences, which signaled that the group was heterogeneous in terms of the evaluated characteristics. The results showed that there were some statistically significant differences of the anthropometrical parameters between the women with the different iris color. Further studies are recommended to investigate the probable associations.


anthropometrics; women; iris color; variations; comparison

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