Lichens on burnt wood in Estonia: a preliminary assessment

  • Piret Lõhmus
  • Kerttu Kruustük


According to available published, herbarium and recent inventory data at least 48 (and potentially over 80) species of lichenized and allied fungi can inhabit burnt areas and/or charred wood in Estonia. Most of these are widespread epiphytes and terrestrial lichens but the list also includes all five species considered ‘fire-dependent’ in Fennoscandia. Future studies should assess the specificity of species for charred wood, and analyse the features that make it a quality habitat for lichen species. 


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Lõhmus, P., & Kruustük, K. (1). Lichens on burnt wood in Estonia: a preliminary assessment. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 47, 37-41. Retrieved from

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