Lichens in the new Red List of Estonia


  • Tiina Randlane
  • Inga Jüriado
  • Ave Suija
  • Piret Lõhmus
  • Ede Leppik


The compilation of the current Red List of Estonia took place during 2006–2008; the IUCN system of categories and criteria (vers. 6.1), which is accepted worldwide, was applied. Out of the 1019 lichenized, lichenicolous and closely allied fungal species recorded in Estonia in 2006, 464 species (45.5%) were evaluated while 555 species remained not estimated – in the category Not Evaluated (NE). Of the evaluated species, 213 were assigned to the so-called red-listed categories: Regionally Extinct (RE), Critically Endangered (CR), Endangered (EN), Vulnerable (VU), Near Threatened (NT) and Data Deficient (DD). 113 of them were classified as threatened (belonging to the categories CR, EN, VU). 251 species were assigned to the category Least Concerned (LC). The full enumeration of the red-listed lichens of Estonia with appropriate category and criteria is presented. 


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Randlane, T., Jüriado, I., Suija, A., Lõhmus, P., & Leppik, E. (2008). Lichens in the new Red List of Estonia. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 44, 113–120. Retrieved from




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