Annotated checklist of Estonian bryophytes

  • Kai Vellak
  • Nele Ingerpuu
  • Mare Leis
  • Loore Ehrlich
Keywords: bryoflora, frequencies of species, protected species, red list


The updated list of Estonian bryophytes includes 594 species from all three phyla. Only one species is reported for Estonia according to the literature data, all others have voucher speciemens in herbaria, two of them outside of Estonia. Altogether 242 species are frequent in Estonia, 173 species are rare, and 161 are sporadically distributed. We do not have any recent data for 20 species, and their presence in Estonia is doubtful. In 2008 a new Estonian Red list was compiled and 369 bryophyte species were evaluated against IUCN criteria. Approximately one fifth of the Estonian bryoflora (129 species) is designated to the three threat categories. 

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Vellak, K., Ingerpuu, N., Leis, M., & Ehrlich, L. (2015). Annotated checklist of Estonian bryophytes. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 52, 109-127.

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