Additions to the Estonian Bryoflora 2019-2021: Liverworts and Mosses

  • Kai Vellak
  • Loore Ehrlich
  • Mare Leis
  • Tiiu Kupper
  • Leiti Kannukene
  • Nele Ingerpuu
Keywords: IUCN category, new taxa for Estonia, voucher specimen


Six species and one subspecies new for Estonia have been found during recent fieldworks. In addition, three varieties from our bryoflora are now accepted as species and so the number of species in Estonian bryoflora is currently 611. Voucher specimens are selected for all new species reported here. Most of the species are included preliminarily into category Data Deficient (DD) according to IUCN structure. Besides this, updated proposals for threat categories are given for four noteworthy bryophytes, which localities were inspected in 2019-2020. Estonian names are given to all new species.


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Vellak, K., Ehrlich, L., Leis, M., Kupper, T., Kannukene, L., & Ingerpuu, N. (2021). Additions to the Estonian Bryoflora 2019-2021: Liverworts and Mosses. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 58, 93–97.

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