Violence and Movement: Conflict, Genocide and the Darker Side of ‘Travel’

  • Jonathan Locke Hart Shandong University, China / University of Toronto, Canada / Harvard University, USA
Keywords: travel, movement, Norse, violence, conflict, genocide


Abstract: Travel is often thought to be an adventure, an exploration, a way of knowing self and world, a break from the stresses of everyday life, a vacation. But there can be a dark side to travel, as in voyages that are part of invasion, conflict and enforced transport. Here, I wish to concentrate on conflict, domination, murder and genocide and do so, at various moments, by referring to the Norse sagas, including the encounter with the Skrælings in the New World and, more briefly, Columbus’ and the Spaniards’ violent treatment of the Natives in the New World and the German transport, torture and murder of Jews in the Shoah, or Holocaust.


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