Sport-anthropological investigation on German male volleyball players of different performance classes and different game positions

  • Christoph Raschka Institute of Sports Sciences, Julius Maximilian University Würzburg
  • Corina Dierer Institute of Sports Sciences, Julius Maximilian University Würzburg
Keywords: volleyball, sports anthropology, somatotyping, kinanthropometry, somatotypes


The present study deals with sports anthropological comparison of the physique of 28 male volleyball players from higher (n = 13) and lower (n= 13) game classes and different game positions. As a result, higher Parnell endomorphism values can be recognized in the lower classes. Vice versa, a tendency to significantly higher values was found in the higher game classes for body height, stylion height, gnathion height, tibia height, AKS index and ectomorphism according to Parnell. In the somatochart, the attackers were slightly more endomorphic, the minor attackers a little more mesomophic. The highclass players had higher ectomorphism values, the low-class players higher endomorphism values. In the constitutional typology according to Knussmann, the subjects were on average subleptomorphic and submacrosomic, according to Conrad rather hyperplastic and leptomorphic. In a follow-up study, the number of subjects should be increased to enable a differentiated analysis of game positions.


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