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Ellegaard Göttingen Minipigs A/S

Soroe Landevej 302, 4261 Dalmose, Denmark

Tel. + 45 5818 5818

Lab Animal Diet

Opend represents the British company IPS Product Supplies. IPS Product Supplies are the sole European distributor of the full range of LabDiet®, a world-renowned brand from PMI Nutrition International. Furthermore, licensed by PMI,  IPS Product Supplies now manufacture formulated speciality laboratory animal diets under the known and trusted brand name of TestDiet®. All manufacturing takes place in their unique state-of-the-art facility in the UK.

IPS Product Supplies Ltd

web: -

London, WC1N 3XX
Tel (0) 870 600 1616

Tel. +45 5686 5600

a-tune software AG

Julius-Reiber-Str. 15, 64293 Darmstadt
T: +49 6151 95131 0

Contact person:
Alison Hopkins
T: +33 784 573132

tick@lab animal research facility software helps you to effectively manage your animal care, operations, and compliance processes. Get the power of one secure access point to the information and functionality needs for all stakeholders – from researchers and facility staff to compliance personnel and management.

tick@lab includes:

  • Management of Project and Personal Licenses
  • Management of training and competency records
  • Animal Ordering
  • Colony and breeding management
  • Aquatic management
  • Animal facility management
  • Animal and animal health management
  • Task management
  • Home Office documentation and reporting
  • AWERB review and document management
  • Billing and cost recovery

tick@lab offers:

  • Built-in Flexibility - administrators have the power to configure templates, forms, cage cards, reports and even the user interface including labels, grid views and field properties.
  • Integration Capabilities - tick@lab has been built for integration with existing applications, we offer a variety of web services and API’s and support diverse integration technologies.
  • Browser independent web application – ready for mobile use, no client installation required, support for all standard browsers on all types of client devices including tablets.
  • Audit Trail - Full audit trail capability to fulfil CFR21 Part 11 requirements and to enable GLP validation.
  • tick@lab from the Cloud - tick@lab is available as a secure, fully managed cloud service reducing infrastructure requirements to the browser and the internet connection.

In synergy with our clients business objectives we:

  • Optimise work and data flows
  • Create transparency for users
  • Guarantee governance, compliance and best practice
  • Lower expenses and risks

50,000+ Users Worldwide
5 / 7 Top Pharmaceuticals
140+ Research Institutions
100+ World-Renowned Universities
20+ Countries


Tel. +31 478 578 322


Scionics Computer Innovation GmbH
Löscherstrasse 16, 01309 Dresden, Germany
T: +49 351 202 707 00

Contact person:
Geraldine Lapeyrade
T: +49 351 202 707 05

About Scionics:

Founded in 2000, Scionics Computer Innovation is an IT service and software provider specializing in solutions for the biological science research community. Our highly qualified professionals have diverse skills and extensive experience in scientific research, IT consulting, and outsourced settings. By utilizing state-of-the-art technologies, we provide our customers the best technical solutions possible for their research needs.

We are headquartered in Dresden, Germany and our client list includes major academic and private research institutions and companies all around the world.

About our PyRAT software products:

Our PyRAT product line is designed to increase animal facility efficiency, mitigate compliance risks, and provide central access to data for all stakeholders including researchers, facility managers, facility staff and others.

Our products include functionality for:
* Terrestrial and aquatic animals as well as transgenic sperm, eggs
* Budgeting, billing, and ordering
* Genotyping
* Authorization management (according to directive 2010/63/EU)
* Breeding
* Statistics
* Experiments - Documents, comments, procedures
* Facility location, cage card printing, etc.
* Facility work requests and work tracking

As well as being available in multiple languages, our PyRAT products are easily accessible via a web browser on all desktops, laptops, and tablets. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified and GLP compliant.

Contact us for access to an obligation free private demo installation and see what PyRAT can do for you.


CS 4105 Le Genest-Saint-Isle
F-53941 Saint-Berthevin, France
T. +33 2 43 02 11 91

Contact person:
Mathilde Mosca
+49 173 402 4622

Founded in 1960, JANVIER LABS is an independent company, specialised in rodent research models and associated services. To all its customers, International actors of Biomedical Research, JANVIER LABS offers a large range of traditional or customised research models as well as laboratory services, reproductive sciences and customized breeding.

Thanks to a high level of health and genetic quality, the rodent research models and associated services of JANVIER LABS are well known and valued by researchers for their reliability.

With over 280 staff members, a site of more than 22,000 sqm on an 8 hectare site, a production capacity of more than 3,000,000 rodents, JANVIER LABS is the largest and most advanced rodent breeding site in Europe.

Since August 2010, JANVIER LABS is the sole authorised European Provider of the JAX™ Sperm Cryo Kit developed by The Jackson Laboratory in the following countries: Austria, Belgium, the Czech Republic, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, Spain, Switzerland, Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden.

JAX™ is a trademark of The Jackson Laboratory registered in the United States. All rights reserved.