Considerations in the Construction of a New Preclinical Facility


  • Peter Glerup LAB Research (Scantox), Ejby, Lille Skensved



Many aspects need to be considered in details before construction of a new preclinical facility. These  aspects include requirements in relation to international guidelines for preclinical studies, Good Laboratory  Practice, barriers, animal welfare legislation, occupational health and customer expectations. This article  describes some of the most important elements that should be considered in this respect, seen in the light  of drug development. 

It should be remembered that detailed individual plans are always required for each specific facility for the  following reasons. Legislative discrepancies between countries may influence the final design of a facility  from one country to another. In addition, different types of work may be undertaken by each individual  laboratory, leading to various needs for each site. Furthermore, as working routines to some extent are  usually site-specific, this may also influence the optimal construction between laboratories. This article  should therefore be seen as a guide to thoughts that should be made before construction of a new facility. It  is not the intention that it should be used as a detailed check-list. 


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Glerup, P. (2009). Considerations in the Construction of a New Preclinical Facility. Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science, 36(1), 47–51.