Project evaluation in animal research – Possibilities for Harmonization in Nordic Countries


  • David Arney Estonian University of Life Sciences
  • Susanna Louhimies
  • Siri Knudsen
  • Leif Lund
  • Kadri Kabel
  • Seppo Peuranen
  • Eila Kaliste
  • Gunvor Knudsen
  • Katarina Cvek



This paper is a report of discussion between responsible persons throughout the Nordic region on the activities, issues and problems encountered with evaluating project applications for experimental work involving the use of animals. Harmonization of the actions of responsible authorities in the evaluation of animal experimental projects is encouraged by policy makers at the European level, and the possibilities to encourage this are discussed. While the process of evaluation and the composition of the committees are broadly similar across the region there are differences. Applications are often made with insufficient attention, better guidance and simplification may improve this. Training was identified as a common problem, and training sources are available which could be used. The inclusion of persons with experimental design and statistical expertise is recommended.   It is concluded that it would be to the benefit of each committee if there were communication between the committees in the Nordic states, to share best practice and flag common errors and problems.


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Arney, D., Louhimies , S., Knudsen, S., Lund, L., Kabel, K. ., Peuranen, S., Kaliste, E., Knudsen, G., & Cvek, K. (2023). Project evaluation in animal research – Possibilities for Harmonization in Nordic Countries. Scandinavian Journal of Laboratory Animal Science, 49, 6–13.