„Pista see sealt sinna!“ Käsitööteaduse terminite komisjoni tööpõld / Here a stitch, there a stitch: a committee working on specialised terminologies for craft studies


  • Marja-Leena Jaanus




“Here a stitch, there a stitch“ is something one is likely to utter while working with their hands and demonstrating a particular technique. Specialised terminology facilitates professional communication, so that each “here“ and “there“ has an exact equivalent, a term based on agreement between professionals in the field.

The committee of specialised terminologies in craft studies was established by the Estonian Native Crafts Department at the University of Tartu Viljandi Culture Academy on 29th April 2016 to tackle these very problems and to reach agreement upon precise terminology. As specialised terminology is created by professionals in the field, the committee is made up of lecturers specialising in craftwork, handicraft scholars, and guest specialists whose particular field is under discussion.

The committee has so far met on three occasions and has addressed the general terms of handicraft studies, but the suggestions made by MA students, to whom specialised terminology is essential when writing their theses, have also been discussed.

Terms which have received approval from the committee will be included in the term database ‘Specialised Terminology of Craft Studies’, which can be found along with other term databases at the Institute of the Estonian Language’s website: term.eki.ee. Everyone who uses handicraft terminology is welcome to suggest new terms to the committee.


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