Knitting style – the grace of noble ladies or the speed of peasant girls?


  • Anu Pink



Knitting is a textile technique with a global spread, yet the method of holding the yarn and needles differs between geographic areas and cultures. There are three main knitting styles: holding the yarn in the right hand or throwing, holding the yarn in the left hand or picking and knitting with the yarn in front of the work and manipulating it with the thumb. Knitting methods have been subject to change over time. People have tried to make the movements either faster or, as is the case with 19th century England, more graceful. Estonian knitters stayed true to throwing for centuries and were not waived by German, Russian or Scandinavian knitters. However, picking has become prevalent within the last century following the Finnish example and published materials. Studying the Estonians’ knitting style and comparing this to neighbouring countries provides an insight into the development of and influences on Estonian knitting.

Keywords: knitting, knitting history, knitting styles, picking, throwing, Continental knitting, English knitting, Portuguese knitting, Estonian knitting


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