Rakendusantropoloogia perspektiividest - ülevaade Euroopa sotsiaalantropoloogide konverentsist / Perspectives of applied anthropology an overview of the European Social Anthropologists' Conference


  • Marko Uibu




University of Tartu doctoral candidate Marko Uibu provides an overview of topic and development problems in modern applied anthropology on the basis of a conference of European social anthropologists held in Tallinn in summer 2014. The goal for applied anthropologists is to find solutions to specific problems by getting to know a phenomenon or group through comprehensive field work. Anthropologists can use their skills in very different fields, such as product development, seeking solutions to social problems or documenting fading traditions and helping them endure. The Tallinn conference mainly presented research aimed at resolving and/or raising awareness of social problems. The meeting of European applied anthropologists noted that the discipline was not sufficiently visible in Europe and that it did not receive enough support from universities; anthropologists themselves are cautious about taking applied approaches. Developing a more applied direction would be a reasonable course, however. This would open up new avenues for researchers and allow solutions to be offered for specific questions and social problems.

Keywords: applied anthropology, Anthropology in Europe, EASA biennial conference in Tallinn


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