Vändra kihelkonna naiste traditsioonilised rahvarõivad: komplektide koostamine ja valmistamine tänapäeval. TÜ Viljandi Kultuuriakadeemia pärandtehnoloogia magistritöö 2014 / The traditional folk costumes of the women of Vändra parish


  • Inna Raud




The Master’s thesis entitled “Traditional folk costumes of the women of Vändra parish: assembling and preparing ensembles in the present day" aimed to introduce the variational nature of folk costumes in one region to rid ourselves of a rigid pattern of treatment of folk costume.

As part of the research, the individual components of women’s folk costumes in Vändra parish were described, technological and pattern-related developments were pinpointed in time and material and colour use and changes in ways in which the costume was worn were observed. In addition to the description, the author put together folk costume ensembles of her own, based on the status of the wearer and the situation in which the clothing was to be worn (everyday, festive, summer and winter) as well as possibilities for putting together folk costume ensemble variants at the municipal level today.

The drawings made in the course of the description form part of the practical part of the thesis and a precondition for making the components part of the Vändra woman’s folk costume ensemble. The making of folk costumes as a whole is a broad field, encompassing familiarity with the materials and ten different techniques. As part of the thesis, the author produced 59 items belonging to a folk costume ensemble, which are combined in period-appropriate fashion in nine different Vändra female folk costume ensembles.

The author hopes that the work will help readers understand the changes that have taken place over time in folk costumes and the importance of the integrity of the entire costume, and to avoid conflicts in future selections. The experience in putting these costumes together can serve all Estonian rural areas both in choosing between the many available items and in seeking solutions in the absence of items.

Keywords: folk costumes, regional variations


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