Katse õpetada palkehitust infotehnoloogia vahendusel / An attempt to teach log building using information technology


  • Anssi Malinen




The current paper gives an overview on a pilot course arranged at Oulu vocational college where the applicability of digital media in log construction training was tested. This was done by using two learning videos showing the construction of two traditional corner notches. The videos were uploaded to YouTube, which allowed the students to watch them freely using a tablet computer and wireless internet connection. There were no teachers on the course, so the students had to work independently.

After the pilot course it is possible to conclude that using digital video material as a primary learning method is a suitable way to learn new log construction techniques. Also the feedback from the students was positive. According the students the main benefit of the video-based learning is the possibility of advancing independently, since there is no need to wait for instructions from a teacher. However, there has to be a special emphasis on the quality of the learning material, since the videos must provide sufficient support in situations which are possibly problematic.

Keywords: log building education, e-learning, video-learning, teacher’s mobility


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