Laulupidu ehtemeistrite moodi: ülevaade 2014. aasta laulupeol toimunud rahvuslike ehete valmistamise näidistöötoa ettevalmistustest ja selle läbiviimisest / Song celebration in the jeweller's style

  • Anna-Maria Kaseoja


A workshop of making Estonian native jewellery took place in the beginning of July in 2014 during the Song Celebration and lasted for two days. The workshop was organised by two students of Viljandi Culture Academy, Indrek Ikkonen and Anna-Maria Kaseoja. The project involved acquiring a goldsmith's toolbox and tools, carrying out the workshop and introducing the curriculum of Estonian Native Metalwork to those interested. On the first day brooches and earrings with national motifs were made in the workshop. In addition, visitors’ broken brooches and rings were repaired. From the workshop, the organisers gained the experience of communicating with visitors and working outside the school enviroment.

Keywords: Estonian Song Celebration, Estonian traditional jewellery, jewellery workshop


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