Maaehituspärandi omanike toetamiseks loodud ehitusnõustajate võrgustik / Network of construction advisors to support the owners of rural architectural heritage


  • Elo Lutsepp
  • Karl Kallastu



In the last 10-15 years, people's interest in preserving the historical appearance of their rural buildings has increased, and this has increased the need for a consultation service that would be continuously and easily available. In the winter of 2015, the national network of advisors, consisting of experts and specialists from more than 10 organisations was initiated by the Estonian Open Air Museum's Centre of Rural Architecture. The aim of the network is to offer the owners of barn dwellings a free initial consulting service when they choose to renovate their building(s). A first sample consultation took place between the members of the network in March. On one hand, the aim of this consultation was to exchange ideas on the topic of renovating old buildings and to standardise the formats used. If it is possible, the consultation network will gather for a similar conference again in the autumn.

Keywords: rural architecture, advising building owners


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