The Internet: a support for preserving and fostering the quality of the Basque language

  • Julian Maia-Larretxea
  • Kepa Larrea-Muxika


The aim of this article is to show some indications of how Basque society is facing the challenge of the Internet and how it is using this new resource in order to preserve not only the presence of Basque but also the quality of the language itself. It is divided into 4 sections: 1) some general information about the situation of Basque; 2) how Basque society is reacting to the Internet;3) some issues about the quality of the Basque language (kinds of services that can be provided via the Internet and potential users of them); 4) some resources offered by three of civil service institutions intended to help professionals use the Basque language more correctly and appropriately. In the end we conclude that the Internet in fact supplies useful tools and resources to preserve and foster the Basque language and, specifically, its linguistic quality; on the other hand, the society is being quite aware of the importance of the new tool and it is, consequently, reacting positively to the challenge of this new technology


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