Roboter als Rechtssubjekte – Der Streit um die E-Person

  • Doris Forster
  • Janika Rieder
Keywords: Künstliche Intelligenz, autonome Agenten, Vertragsschluss, Maschinenerklärung, Produkthaftung, Gefährdungshaftung, Tierprozess, Sachprozess, Rechtsubjekt


The European Parliament has proposed legal personhood for artificial intelligence entities, to ensure honouring of rights and responsibility. The article discusses the question of legal personhood for non-human beings from a legal-historical and legal-sociological perspective. In addition, it examines legal personhood in the modern German legal system and discusses the implementation of a tertium genus for artificial intelligence as proposed by the European Parliament. This analysis leads to the conclusion that introduction of e-personhood would constitute a paradigm shift that blurs the boundaries between humans and machines.


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Forster, D., & Rieder, J. (2021). Roboter als Rechtssubjekte – Der Streit um die E-Person. Juridica International, 30, 32-39.