Children’s Rights and the Juvenile Justice System in Estonia


  • Judit Strömpl
  • Anna Markina



children’s rights, incarceration, closed institutions, juvenile justice


Approaching from the UN Convention of the Right of the Child (UNCRC) and the principle of best interest of the child is mandatory in all decision-makings in all EU countries. However, we can see notable contradictions between the articles of UNCRC, the best interest principle and the practice of juvenile justice systems almost in every EU member state. International organisations and national states make efforts to cross the contradictions and to guarantee the rights stated in the UNCRC. In this paper, we present some attempts to enhance the juvenile justice systems while focusing on Estonian case. Participation in two international action research projects enables authors to give an overview about the situation how the rights of Estonian children in detention are followed and what are the main tendencies in everyday practice.


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Strömpl, J. ., & Markina, A. . (2017). Children’s Rights and the Juvenile Justice System in Estonia. Juridica International, 25, 66–73.

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