A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics

  • Howard H. Pattee 1611 Cold Spring Road, Williamstown, MA 01267
  • Kalevi Kull Department of Semiotics, University of Tartu; Tiigi 78, 50410 Tartu


In this dialogue, we discuss the contrast between inexorable physical laws and the semiotic freedom of life. We agree that material and symbolic structures require complementary descriptions, as do the many hierarchical levels of their organizations. We try to clarify our concepts of laws, constraints, rules, symbols, memory, interpreters, and semiotic control. We briefly describe our different personal backgrounds that led us to a biosemiotic approach, and we speculate on the future directions of biosemiotics.


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Pattee, H. H., & Kull, K. (2009). A biosemiotic conversation: Between physics and semiotics. Sign Systems Studies, 37(1/2), 311-331. https://doi.org/10.12697/SSS.2009.37.1-2.12