The first year of the Academia Gustaviana print shop as seen through the history of paper


  • Anu Lepp



Watermarks and paper evidence are useful tools for researching manuscripts as well as printed books on paper, and not only for dating and identifying authenticity, but for studying the history of documents and printed books as material objects themselves. The present paper is based on the publications printed in Tartu in 1632, the first year of operation of the Swedish-era University of Tartu print shop, and the paper used in them. The purpose is to study the watermarks gathered from all survived copies of publications deposited in Estonia, to discuss the possible origins of the paper and the principles for its acquisition and use, and to draw some conclusions concerning general conditions of printing and the printer’ personal contacts and preferences during the early days of the print shop. Keywords: 17th century, Livonia, University of Tartu, printing history, handmade rag paper, watermarks


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