Early Estonian Printings Database and the Book Damage Atlas


  • Meelis Friedenthal
  • Anu Lepp
  • Kurmo Konsa
  • Kristjan Adojaan




Th is article provides an overview of the Early Estonian Printings (EEP) database and the Book Damage Atlas created within the framework of the Watermarks and Paper in Early Modern Estonia project and of questions that arose in the course of the project. The aim of the project was to consider publications as a whole and to try to combine descriptions of different parts of books into a tool for researchers that is readily available and easy to use. The compilers of the EEP database have relied on the standard worked out by the International Association of Paper Historians (IPH) in their descriptions of paper and watermarks and have also added free-form descriptions of watermarks to the database. Entries in the database are tied in with databases of the European-wide Bernstein watermarks portal The Memory of Paper. Keywords: paper, watermarks, database, book history, preservation


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