Lichens and their substrate preferences on the Pakri Peninsula (Northwest Estonia)

  • Ljudmilla Martin
  • Tiina Randlane
  • Jüri Martin


A checklist of lichenized and lichenicolous fungi of the Pakri Peninsula is presented and an overview of substrate preferences of recorded taxa is compiled. The list includes 243 species, eight of them appear new to Estonia: Catillaria atomarioides, Lecanora persimilis, Micarea lithinella, Opegrapha calcarea, Staurothele rupifraga, Thelidium olivaceum, T. papulare and Verrucaria hochstetteri. Verrucaria maculiformis, which was considered extinct in Estonia, is re-found, and Staurothele caesia, which has earlier been recorded as dubious for Estonia, is verified hereby. The greatest diversity of species is recorded among epilithic taxa, altogether with 121 species of which 63 species occurred on calcareous stones, 60 on granite, 18 on concrete and 12 on sandstone. 


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Martin, L., Randlane, T., & Martin, J. (2011). Lichens and their substrate preferences on the Pakri Peninsula (Northwest Estonia). Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 48, 45-58. Retrieved from