Additions and changes to the species list of Estonian bryophytes


  • Nele Ingerpuu
  • Loore Ehrlich
  • Mare Leis
  • Tiiu Kupper
  • Leiti Kannukene
  • Kai Vellak



mosses, liverworts, habitats, distribution


Since the last additions (Vellak et al., 2021), four new species should be added to the list. Two of these (Calypogeia fissa and Timmia austriaca) are new finds, two (Hedwigia emodica and Syntrichia ruraliformis) were earlier known as varieties in Estonia. One species (Seligeria patula) should be excluded from the list since the voucher specimen was re-identified as S. calcarea and no other specimens were found among all collected specimens of genus Seligeria in Estonian herbaria and during inventories of genus Seligeria at all known localities in Estonia in 2020-2021. The number of species in Estonian bryoflora is now 615. The distribution and threats on the new species in Estonia are not known yet and need further inventories, thus all are evaluated here as data deficient (DD). Estonian names for all new species are presented in parenthesis and the distribution and ecology is briefly discussed.


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Ingerpuu, N., Ehrlich, L., Leis, M., Kupper, T., Kannukene, L., & Vellak, K. (2022). Additions and changes to the species list of Estonian bryophytes. Folia Cryptogamica Estonica, 59, 23–25.




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