Adaptive changes in speech perception


  • Olga D. Volchek Saint Petersburg Institute of Humanities, Russia, Saint Petersburg



adjustment, part of day, speech perception, personal name, image of name, weather, gender, diurnal chronotype


The influence of individual characteristics on speech perception was studied in relation to weather conditions. Parameters of emotional and color images for 12 masculine names and 6 vowel sounds were used for experimental models. In the period of 1 February – 7 June 2013, 20 women and 6 men, all residents of St.Petersburg, were filling in a special form, estimating the offered parameters of the emotional image by a 5-score scale and registering their color associations. The data collected during 23 days of the experiment were matched with the indices of local and cosmic weather and compared with individual characteristics: gender, the diurnal chronotype by A.A. Putilov («skylark», «dove», «owl»). Mathematical processing included t-criterion, the Fisher criterion and correlation analysis.

Significant and valid adaptive changes in the parameters of images of sounds and names were detected in relation to the part of day, season and weather conditions (p≤0.05÷0.001). Characteristics of the pronunciation of a certain vowel or a name influenced their perception under different environmental conditions. There were significant differences in the studied parameters of speech perception between men and women, which correspond to the higher sensitivity of male organisms to environmental conditions, and between people with different diurnal chronotypes (p≤0,05÷0,001).


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