Creating poetry in time perspective

  • Olga D. Volchek International Science and Research Institute of Cosmoplanetary Anthropoecology named after the academician V.P. Kaznacheev
Keywords: adjustment, articulation, geocosmic weather, poetry, psychophysiological condition, psycholinguistics, ecopsychology


The author discusses the results of a study of multiyear variations in the occurrence of letters in 12,925 pieces of poetry composed by 317 Russian poets in 1796–2012 in correlation with geocosmic weather and of seasonal variations in the occurrence of letters in 2,551 poems by 132 male poets and 30 female poets. The conclusion is that there are multiyear and seasonal fluctuations of the occurrence of letters, which, for virtually all 33 letters, are synergetic with variations in the main indices of geocosmic weather. Temperature, Earth’s rotation rate, precipitation and solar activity indices appear to be the most influential ones, with 23, 17, 17 and 11 correlations, respectively, at p≤0.05–0.001. Seasonal variations in parameters of poetry created by men and by women are significantly different, which reflects gender differences in natural adjustment.


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