Development of Company Law in Kazakhstan: Main Issues and Trends


  • Farkhad Karagussov



Company law, corporate legislation, corporation, company, legal entity, commercial organisations, Kazakhstan


The article shows that special legislation to regulate corporate forms for entrepreneurial activity (apart from forms for non-commercial activities) has been developed in Kazakhstan since the 1990s. The most important stages in such development are highlighted, with special emphasis on the influence of Russian legal developments. The article includes description of the current structure, content, and specifics of Kazakhstan’s legislation on corporate forms for economic activity. The absence of a clear concept of company law and of a legal term ‘corporation’ in the law of Kazakhstan is noted in the paper, and also it is argued that a body of company law (or corporate law) of Kazakhstan has not been adequately institutionalised yet within the national legal system. The author identifies the main trends in the development of company/corporate law in Kazakhstan and key concerns related to it.


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Karagussov, F. . (2016). Development of Company Law in Kazakhstan: Main Issues and Trends. Juridica International, 24, 84–95.